Read Write Present

I only read Part 1 and I’m excited by Thomas Newkirk’s case for teaching composing [vs. the formulaic writing Don Murray terms “school writing”]. Newkirk is taking Peter Elbow and other literary minds to the streets with the claim that ALL good writing dramatizes the writer’s thinking, and thus inherently does not fit into a form. Nor into the triangulation of the CC text types. Why school teachers teach formulaic ‘pure genre’? It is easier. Yep, easier than teaching composing –the kind of writing people want to read. Newkirk has got the reciprocity of reading and writing going. This is tantalizing nonfiction and I can’t wait to read the other two parts.

Instead of getting those quirky daily narratives written, I’ve produced yet another presentation on informational writing.  In the back of my mind, I want to write about this week’s saga of getting Mom’s new Smart TV finally hooked up with Comcast.  Or, I want to riffle into the jar with the hotpink post-it notes and see what I wrote down earlier in the year for which I felt gratitude.  It was a Dan Pink life hack.

And another part of me wants to tell stories about how funny and tricky it is having my Mom living with me now. And my cat had ear mites this week. And intervention is concluding and it is time for 1:1 assessments and a whole new game plan.

I’d like to write about how exciting it is in San Jose to see clouds, real formations of all varieties gracing our sweeping skylines as you don’t drive down the freeway.  Yesterday we all sat in traffic jams because one person thought about jumping off one of our sweeping, tall freeway ramps.

And I feel that irrepressible nervousness, even though the teachers I will work with after school at a neighborhood ES are people I’ve met and worked with.

I have decided that this is all I can say.  It points to a life story of being too busy.  I think it best I take my few extra moments to meditate and also deal with my funny looking hair.  Maybe next Tuesday I can write a real Slice, instead of a fruitcake of odd thoughts.

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