I was vaguely noting the energy waste of checking social media, thinking of Daniel Pink, when I remembered it isn’t just the last day before Vacation, it’s Tuesday.2014-04-02 18.02.54

So I stopped wondering what to wear to school today, since the Japanese writers are visiting.  And I don’t have to work on crazy hair day, because.

I found my writing desk in order with a new object.  This week has been mostly about moving my mother from SF into my home.  When I packed her old wood steamer trunk I found a Mission brand nylon typewriter ribbon box for Smith Corona models.  What are the odds?  Just what my paper weight of an old typewriter needs.  Ink.

It isn’t enough to want to write.  It isn’t enough to have some skill.  What is needed is a sticky artistic energy that will override the meditative stupor of tea and nan, getting a good move in on Words with Friends, or wondering what to wear.

I have a writing assignment:  I want to essay on why narrative.  In pd I meet so much resistance, especially from middle school teachers.  Educators have really bought into the “what’s new” and the hype about Common Core that claims that THE writing for the 21st Century is argumentative.  Okay, then I’ll argue for narrative.

One presentation I did was “It’s All Story.”  I think there’s evidence for that.

I noted my admired Two Writing Teachers presented on my topic at NCTE.  Very encouraging.  My experience teaching writing workshop informs me of the power of narrative.  So, over this holiday break, I’ll put in some research and writing time.

With thanks that I don’t have to work in a box store on a holiday.  With bittersweet thoughts for my fellow humans who won’t have a rest over Thanksgiving.

One thought on “Kismet”

  1. Love it! I got an email this week from a parent of a student about the cathartic power of narrative and how it brought a granddaughter closer to her grandfather and helped a girl make sense of an accident and gave her feelings a place to live.

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