Recent kinds of writing

I have vacillated between travelogue and rewriting my resume and revising the grant narrative for family literacy while we’re enacting it.

I took my Mom to Moss Landing for a birding tour on the Elkhorn Slough.

The weather was beautiful.  Sunny and 70 degrees, in spite of all the predictions.  Birders are very intense people.  We saw 43 species and I think 80% of them in the first five minutes out, so my head was spinning with names that were only randomly generally attached to the creatures in the slough.

I was also the youngest person on the flat boat, except the bird expert who was teaching us.

Okay, I loved the part where the captain nosed the bark into a mud flat and cut the engines so that we could just listen to the array of grebes, peeps and sanderlings.  And everyone stopped talking about beaks and legs.  Lovely.

And journal writing along with my daily commitment to meditate has fostered the idea that I could be much more creative with my work energy.  Thus the resume rewrite.

The most painful rewrite is the lessons learned and the adjustments to the Family Literacy grant I procured for my K-5 school.  I think the reason it is painful is that the teaching staff does not have a shared vision of what inviting literacy looks like.  And some simply won’t get behind anything that isn’t their idea.  Those may all be projections.  I’ll write less about the motives and more about my adaptations.

But I have to rewrite some of the work while we’re implementing it.  In January our Advanced ISI 14 is hosting Joseph Harris to share with him ways we are using the metalanguage from his book, Rewriting, to revise our teaching practice.

I am to the point of revising my entire career.

Maybe it is time.

4 thoughts on “Recent kinds of writing”

  1. I love how you’re thinking about your writing diet – it seems very balanced and thoughtful. Sounds, too, like you’re on the verge of some major revisions. I know just the feeling. I, too, have an itch….

  2. My husband is a 5th grade teacher and has witness the same staff resistance you talk about when his school tried to implement a new program. Good luck with your big changes, at school and possibly beyond that.

  3. I can definitely relate to the struggles of the “shared vision.” The best you can do, which you are doing now, is lead by example. It’s unfortunate that they themselves don’t share the passion regarding this program, but I’m sure they can’t ignore yours.

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