Typically Monday barks through one mishap into another.

Rob Dog

The proverbial first day of the week is often fraught with schedule fails and grumpiness from the well-fed, freshly-showered professionals.

Yesterday wasn’t typical in my little niche. I did not have to go out on yard duty.  I set my room up for CELDT testing.  When the fifth graders came in for it, I realized they were all, except one new girl, my old friends from various intervention classes.  So all I needed to do was take a friendly, relaxed tone and play hostess.

Then, the teacher I was supposed to support by finishing her benchmark reading assessments let me know she was almost finished, so I headed into the conference room where I parked the guided reading library project when my groups began.

Finishing things feels good.  I got the sign out system and more of the re-usable warm reads – the assessments- trimmed from lamination.  And nobody bothered me.  I kept my laptop open and answered school email.

But the most atypical thing was when I saw various teachers before and during the day.  Several who have been so negative that last week I simply avoided them — these were friendly.  By that I mean going out of their way to say something social and friendly.  Surprise.  Not your usual Monday.

And others, whom have come to reside in a little house in my mind called The Whiners, were cheerful and cooperative.

Suddenly it seems the campus was not angry and here we were back at work just like we’d been doing since late August.  The tone was the way it should be for normal, healthy, well-fed and exercised people who collect decent pay checks.

I can surmise that they are happy about the district giving them a day of collaboration this week while their students have art, music and PE classes all day?  And they don’t have to manage schedule nuttiness?

And their progress reports are in.  Being calm and friendly got us an A yesterday. Tone.  It’s not everything.  I’d say attitude is everything.

I’m off to enjoy another day at work.

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