I Could Write About That

IMG_0445My writing life is stirring a bit and I’m noticing things inside events, small things that I could write about.

Tonight I’m putting some of them down, so that when I sit down at my newly organized and place official Writing Desk, I can take a topic and get a piece drafted before getting ready for school.

Part of the stirring is from co-planning and authoring a pd for writers workshop with my good friend Lorena.  She and I collaborate easily and sometimes share a brain or finish each other’s sentences.

The other part has to do with [see earlier post, What I Really Want] the growing commitment, like the irritation that makes a pearl inside a shell, to my writing life.  Since I am also actively using my imagination, [see post That’s My Story and I’m Sticking to It] and living as if I am retired, but still showing up and drawing my paycheck, I realized that I need to do the Important Things that people often regretfully put off until retirement.  Then often don’t feel like doing them.

So.  At the hardware store Saturday, on revision 4 of my attempt to devise a connection to my washing machine hose to run the gray water out into a bucket in my backyard, I was assisted by an OSH man in the plumbing section.  I could write about our collaboration.

I could write about that small moment coaching Evan after we did his 1:1 LLI benchmark read and write piece.  Paws.  Polar paws and the power of pausing.  [Sickening amount of alliteration, I know.]

The other day when I was going to my car in the school parking lot, watching an elderly, large man painstakingly move to (his?) car, a van parked by the curb.  As I drove out the parking lot he’d almost made it to the driver’s seat and I saw his walker left on the curb on the other side of his car.  Stop and help?  Ask are you all right?  Wondering if he has to drive himself down to Lucky’s for his meds?  Is he going to be okay in the traffic…

My mom telling me she wants to leave SF and move in with me.  Our dear conversation.

I could use this page of the blog like a notebook to go back and jot observations or little events that I could later turn into stories.  Or poems or essays.

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