Something about this daily writing thing that makes me collect my thoughts, review what I’ve been writing about, and sift for stories or ideas.  I am simply grateful for those who read some of my March posts and who commented.  It is very encouraging to be heard and appreciated.  I feel privileged to have conversed with some wonderful teachers.

I hope that my comments have been helpful and especially encouraged more thought and writing.

I know the challenge is ending, however, I’m sticking to this blogging habit.  I like having an electronic writing folder — so handy.  And the published feel of a blog is satisfying.

It is Cesar Chavez Day and there’s no school.  I’m going to finish that presentation for tomorrow afternoon on how to set up and run writers workshop and effectively unpack Lucy Calkins Units of Study in Common Core Writing.  It’s been a weekend full of fun and some surprises, so now it’s time to work, without the inconvenience of going to campus.



2 thoughts on “Blogging”

  1. Thank you so much for all your comments. I can;t tell you how much I appreciated them. My goal for next year (& for tomorrow?) is to comment more. I see now why we are encouraged to comment. It is true for us, just as it is with the kids we teach.

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