Today I’m Back in Focus

When I attempted to post yesterday evening, I was so weary that looking at the computer screen hurt my eyes.  And my mind was flattened.

Today, after a good night’s sleep, and the refreshing time at a reunion of fellows from last summer’s intensive writing institute (ISI 13), I bounced back. I’m excited about our new plan for a summer institute, Forwarding the ISI with metalanguage work based on Gray and Harris.  Reinventing PD and keeping some of the teacher writers in touch from last summer.

After the reunion, I drove to SF spending the  evening in Mom’s kitchen and dining room enjoying a sole dinner my former-chef daughter prepared.  It’s a belated birthday and time for us to emerge from our flu colds and winter blag and socialize.

I found myself in a lengthy animated conversation with Praveen about the future of education, and what the early proponents of online education have learned.

Now, not feeling like I have very much left, I wonder what moment stands out that I want to explore with a draft? What, besides a good night’s sleep and healing from the flu, brings me back into focus?  Some of it is having time away from the demands of work.  Some of it is where I go when I’m not wrestling with problems that need attention.  A change of scene, seeing old friends and a good meal are a soulful rest.

Then the next thing I need to do, like finish the April 1 presentation, and pay those bills, and the things I want to to do — like read more of Aimless Love, or the other books I’m carrying around — things don’t seem so daunting with mental rest and physical healing.  What a very long week it was with late night meetings all but Wednesday.

One thing that gets me out of focus is feeling side-swiped by people with their agendas who don’t really care much about what I’m doing.  Getting caught up in complaining really drains me.  Not having some stretches of unstructured time zaps my mind after awhile.  Leaving unfinished planning and having to go to a meeting, knowing the mess will be waiting for me when I return is tiring.

So, with that in mind, I’ll enjoy tomorrow morning with Mom, drinking tea and writing, while she has coffee and pours through the morning paper. A day of rest.



4 thoughts on “Today I’m Back in Focus”

  1. I have started to ask myself before accepting an invite or even staying in a conversation “Does this bring me energy?” and if not, I decline or excuse myself. Too much drama brings me down and reading both your ups and downs written so beautifully reminds me even more that we all need to find and spend time doing what gives us energy.

    By the way, reading your slices give me energy! I’m glad I met you through this challenge! I plan to continue to follow you beyond tomorrow! Thanks

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