viewerThere have been serious lapses in self-care lately so I must return to my word for the year.

My spa with towels and cucumbers on my eyes would be getting the kind of delicious sleep where I awake satisfied, not feeling attacked by the dawnsearlylight.  And finding time to get better organized for the shift in my job.  My spa would be finishing the gardening that I have longed to do in my back yard.

I think I’ll start with hanging out with a friend and watching episodes of The Big Bang Theory.  And in a leisurely fashion, craft that presentation on launching writers workshop from recovered pieces after my computer theft. We’ll see if the weather holds for a bit of gardening on this lovely three day weekend.

Moi.  I used to think it was selfish to consider oneself.  I “know” now it is wisdom. My meditation room has been the scene of ironing cotton shirts, not doing Pilates and candle gazing.  My understanding just isn’t fully in practice.  My passion for education — and literacy in particular — causes me to fling myself into situations and opportunities.  How to do this and maintain that mindful, deep breathing kind of calm?

Moi.  Stopping for a moment to appreciate my nature.  To think of my strengths rather than my shortcomings.  To realize I contribute to people.  To let in the love my family gives me.  Breathe. 

To realize, that, as the virus cold subsides, the projects get done, and life goes on, that I really am quite happy.  Even without cucumbers on my eyes or warm towels on my head.

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