Seed 2Today I was asked to assess a second grade boy who saw me in kindergarten, the first year I began teaching intervention.  It was great to see him — so much more composed and mature than early kinder days.

C. and I talked about our alphabet sound rap we used to do…a, b, c, d — bwang, bwang (on our guitars) and how we drew pictures and wrote sentences and talked about them.  I let him know that the reason I wanted to read with him today was that his AR computer scores did not show him reading at grade level.  I said I thought maybe he was a stronger reader than those quizzes showed.

I was asked to test C. because the student was suddenly put on the retention list, even though he had not needed intervention this year.  Puzzlement.

C. read four sight and HFF word lists very well, indicating a benchmark at grade level.  So he read “Giants of the Sea” and talked with me about it.  Accurate reading — a bit sketchy on some punctuation.  A well-reasoned response to his reading.  I showed C. where it placed him on the reading level chart.  Really just a tad ahead of where he needs to be “on grade level.”

He seemed satisfied.  We also did a bit of coaching on strategies to keep track of reading chapter books — things to note and ways to retell quickly when we pick up a book a day or two later. Noticing character changes, writing down new words to ask about.  I emailed those notes to his teacher.

For me, it was extra super wonderful to see how solid C.’s reading is.  Those early days with him and his eight quirky kinder buddies, teaching them before we had a Leveled Literacy Program…hoping something good was planted that would work.

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