In fuchsia print and all caps, my fortune cookie message from Panda Express reads, “YOUR DREAMS WILL BECOME REALITY.”

WELL. This was an enchanting enough idea for me to pull a piece of Scotch tape over the folded piece of paper and stick it down to the base of my MacBook below the keyboard.  It begs questions: “What dreams? Which ones in particular?  Old ones or new ones?  Can I make up some tonight worthy of fulfillment?”

My ironic attitude was that, if fulfilled, this prediction would have to be better than my overly busy, work-filled days.  I suspect my dream life is rife with fun stuff, although my subconscious doesn’t bother to help me remember any of it.  I just have the vague, numinous feeling that being asleep is when I have gratifying relationships, go interesting places, laugh over the really amazing life stuff, create things, and am not weighed down by overweight, overwork or overage.

So bring it on.

I also had the idea that, besides the brain cleansing that happens in sleep — squishing out experience like wringing old water out of a sponge — my Creative Department in my psyche may be planning for some good stuff ahead.  Better not to rush it, but let it come to full fruition.  Like watching each and every bloom on my clump of Bird of Paradise open, being mindful not to cut them or make them feel hurried.  Love does not like to be rushed.

On another level, the fortune cookie message is blatantly, pedantically concrete.  What I dream is what I do.  What I enact in thought is where I live. (Well, except that everyone else in my life is busy interacting and jumping in and out of my dream scenes with their own agendas.) Nothing to claim.  This is it.

Still, I like the idea that what I really want, what I hope for inwardly — even if I cannot take the time to stare at clouds and ruminate on what those dreams might be — is ready to manifest in my daily life.  Everybody needs a bit of fairy dust now and again.

On the other hand, it’s just a pink typed saying found in a dry cookie.  People who pay attention to that sort of thing are not in touch with “reality,” are they now?





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