I really love the whole idea of viewing teaching as a conversation.  My head is full of quotes from the trainer today and the rich text in the Fountas & Pinnell book, When Readers Struggle.  Perhaps tomorrow I’ll unpack some learnings and share as a post.

Today I got to step out of the daily schedule and look closely at student work across time and across a same level group, asking “What can this student do well?”  And what is the essential thing I need to teach him/her next?

Listening to students read, write and noticing their behaviors.  An entire day of getting strategies, clarification and insights into my more problematical readers.

I like that the trainer expressed what a privilege it is to serve the struggling students.  I see again why I love my job so much.

And, as is often, when I have been immersed in something, I notice that my writing is summary.  I can only encapsulate it now in a general package.  I haven’t the eyelid strength or the where with all to recreate the intense moments of today.  And tomorrow is SST meetings all day. 

I really am going to get back into the swing of this creative writing blog thing.  Soon. 



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