Predictive Post

I’m going to find a small moment in my future on this Friday end of a stress-filled week.  This way I can post while I’m still enjoying my tea and toast and the after effects of Theraflu.

Hmm, one moment may be when all five first graders try to walk but come bursting through the pod hallway and slide into first at my horseshoe table with their book bags.  Book Bag Parties are always fun.

Or, maybe that crew of three after lunch will catch fire.  I’m challenging those two boys to push themselves.  And the girl needs such a different kind of support…thinking what to do.  Regroup her?  Coach her in this group?

Maybe I’ll write about that electric buzz in the five classes in our open pod when the last period rolls around.  There are enrichment and incentives and good old Friday fun, although it gets too noisy for my taste.  I will have a pile of books to put away and likely be wishing I could have another dose of Theraflu.

Perhaps, though, there will be surprises.  Maybe someone will say something really funny or give a genuine compliment.  I might figure out that better reporting system I need to communicate with teachers.

The moment might be when I put the top down and finally drive home with the wind in my face and that girl from Kansas kind of joy.

To go to a late St. Edna’s feast in the neighborhood or not?  That will be a decision.  There’s the final draft and budget of that grant not wrapped up.

We’ll see.

4 thoughts on “Predictive Post”

  1. I hope these positive thoughts happened all the way around. You must be sick if you are longing for another round of Theraflu. Ugh! Have a good weekend!

  2. What to do? My vote is for you to finish that grant because it is such a good idea and I want you to get it!

    What to write about? I want to hear more about all your ideas!! Maybe pick the one that means the most to you. That’s how I always pick!

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