Literacy Project

In addition to sitting in on parent report card conferences for our at risk and new students, I have been quick-writing a family literacy grant proposal. Now that my back door is repaired and I have my school laptop. Being robbed took a chunk out of my week’s energy and attention yesterday.
So, my late night mind is awash with our thematic ideas: Reading & Writing Roundups on Saturdays, Writing Rodeos nights, parent groups trained to push into classrooms in OK Corral events. Breakfasts for parent Chuck Wagon Chats. Field trip Library Hoedowns. We’ll get cheap bandanas and hats and have fun with the western, country theme. We have a core team of teachers, a vision and now going after the funding.

I will be back to reading and writing more blogs after this deadline tomorrow.

🙂 Literacy to all.

6 thoughts on “Literacy Project”

  1. Oh so sorry to hear you we’re robbed!! That is such a nasty violation.
    Sounds like your grant writing is on a roll though, sending you fabulous grant winning charma!

  2. I’ve often thought about taking time to teach parents about the writing process but never went more than a thought. Congrats on your action to write a grant!! Parents want to help their kids but don’t always know how. Your Westerned themed events will be the perfect opportunity to give them the tips they need! (And gang in there – no fun being robbed)

  3. What a great idea. I might steal it. I did a very successful teacher book club last year and parent-child book clubs the year before. But I love the idea of a parent writing group. I’m thinking this one over.

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