Today I’m glad I remembered I took a few “book talks” on my phone during Rob Dog’s Book Bag Celebration.
I hear, underneath the student’s message about the book, a young boy’s tentative change of attitude about school.

I know I am reading something into it, but my intuition is that our little LLI group has opened a door for Dan the Man, as I now call him. First it was a story about training the dog, Meli, from the series. Dan has taught his dog tricks and said more words to me about training his dog — they just poured out excitedly — than he has said to me since he came into grade 1 intervention midyear last, as a new student in our school.

Also, I re-grouped some children to make more compatible, correctly sized groups and I took Dan back through part of a level, which made him the “smart” one, or at least the with it one in the group, where he had known he was not keeping up with some of his “peers” in the other group.

So, we made a connection, he’s found some confidence, and he actually looks happy when he comes to group. I took his recent 97% accurate warm read at his instructional level, with a 6/6 in comprehension to his teacher. Not impressed. Not showing it to his parents at conference. Still insists I put in a word with the psychologist for finding out what’s missing. Testing for something she can’t put her finger on.

I think I did. It was confidence and connection.
I like to re-watch the video to “read between the lines.”

3 thoughts on “Layers”

  1. I love your intuition on this. It can be hard to feel like you are getting a glimpse at how to help a child and others don’t see it. You are in a position to look more closely. I have come to feel it is more important to figure out what helps a child than to put a name on what might be wrong 🙂 stay the course, keep watching.

  2. Thank you for this very vivid slice of life. It saddens me to hear that the teacher cannot SEE what’s right in front of her eyes: growth, no matter whether that growth is at or below “the rest of the class”. Testing for what?? Wouldn’t it be great if she could celebrate the steps this child is making towards independence and further learning?

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