Parisian door pullThinking of the luck of the Irish and thinking about how kids think that other kids get school right by luck.

There are some things that have happened in my life that I consider very good fortune.  Luck and being in the right place at the right time.

Other things in my life have flourished from focused, arduous work extended over years.  I want students to know their minds are plastic and that they can learn to learn and love learning.

Me Mother’s maiden name is Irish so I have the gift of gab, the sun burnable skin, the flare of temper and the love of poetry and folk music.  Also the joy of knowing that life is one part luck and five parts hard work. 

The gold is not over the rainbow.  It is the burnished element of a well-trained mind. 

3 thoughts on “Luck”

  1. I know what you are saying about luck. The other thing that frustrates me which is similar to this is when students don’t see their true potential. They have a bad home life so they just think they are destined to have the same life. They don’t see the potential that they have to make a change…that learning is their path to success or gold. Great blog.

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