Mirror Neurons

8-5700I met a friend today at the late afternoon matinee’ of Tim’s Vermeer.

My post will not be a review of the movie. Rather the ongoing effect movies tend to have on me and the effect of this one in particular.

Usually I don’t sit through the credits, which were lengthy, however, Bob Dylan was twanging out, “When I Paint My Masterpiece.”  I headed for the ladies room before my friend and I were going to walk to a Tandoori Bistro.

After I washed my hands and dried them, I began to fastidiously clean under my fingernails, a process which became involved enough for a woman by the sink to politely “ahem” to ask if she might get a towel.  I looked up and around realizing another person was with me and that I was standing in front of the only dispenser.

I laughed and said the movie had brought out my visual OCD.  She kind of got it.

Walking through the shopping center I got distracted by the lace curtains hanging in the dark windows of Lisa’s Tea Treasures.  The pattern, the texture, the detail.

The sheer number of frames on camera watching the detailed brushwork, the careful line and shape drawing woke up places in my brain that used to do quite a bit of studio art.

We took a scenic turnout in a photography gallery, those new prints on metal, super slick and high tech.  Some of them sumptuous in color and detail.

Arriving at the tandoori place I almost couldn’t order off the posters, each a different color with colored lettering.  I felt lost in the particulars.

The effect went on long after the yummy food as we strolled around a bit more.  There was a moon rising behind a big liquid amber tree with the seed balls hanging all over it and no leaves.  It was layered in front of palms.  Even the sky was filled with lattice and delicate motifs.

Trader Joe’s was our last stop before heading home.  For me it was almost all color and design.  Packaging and vegetable colors.  Texture.  I obsessed over the various kind of seeds on buns.

Watching someone build, think, create and then push through with barely the stamina needed to paint for several months was impressive.  But I liked the visual wake up call to my brain that watching Tim paint gave me.



9 thoughts on “Mirror Neurons”

  1. Framing takes courage –
    twisting the lens so that each moment
    unfolds as film.
    I watch you watching me
    watching the world with eyes on screens
    wondering what it would take to see the unmediated world
    alone, undocumented, framed only
    by memory.


    PS — I am stealing lines this morning for small poems. Thanks!

  2. I haven’t heard of the movie, but will add it to my list of movies to see. I always claim I am not visual and tell people I can’t draw something, but I can write a great poem about it. You’ve certainly written a lovely piece about the details you noticed.

  3. Movies, or agood book often have an affect on me. I can relate to being sensitized. nd I enjoyed your imagery, the paragraph with amber tree, and the way you got lost in the different seeds on buns

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