Another bend in the road

Tuesday was almost as long workwise as Monday, but now my feet are propped up and I’m sifting through the day…

Day after tomorrow I’ll turn 66 so I’ve made plans to go out to a movie Wednesday evening and Thursday  to have dinner with best girlfriend. Yippee!

Looking forward to special things later makes today feel like the turning point of the week.  And here was a turning point today.

I gave a running record, a warm read to a little girl, J. in one of my first grade intervention groups.  I’ve seen her since kindergarten.  She started this year in level B as her instructional level.  Her read today was clear and charming, a book in level G.  I was pretty excited and asked her teacher if later in the day I might give J. a benchmark, which she passed at independent level.   Her growth from level B (which is midyear kindergarten) to instructional level H is a year’s progress.

Having lost her mother (to alcohol) as a kindergartener, J. had a slow start, but she was talkative and drew expressively.  It is almost hard to believe that this composed, confident little girl, who read so fluently with me twice today, is the same child who came to kinder buddies.

I get to have J. a few more weeks, to make sure the growth is solidly established.  I think I’m going to miss her.  On one hand, I’m so proud of her I get weepy and on the other, I’ll miss her smile and off-the-wall comments so I feel weepy.

Love that little girl.


2 thoughts on “Another bend in the road”

  1. Wow…how cool to see so much progress…but bittersweet also, that she will move on to another challenge. But know…you were there for that step that seems to have taken her so far.

  2. Turning points are certainly lovely! I think people who aren’t teachers can’t understand how much we truly come to love kids, especially those we’ve helped grow through their challenges. I hope you can at least check in with her in the future… and that new little ones come along for you to love just as much!

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