4 – Just want to say one thing

IMG_5585I stepped into my principal’s office after school saying I just wanted to say one thing.  She looked up warily, with the problems of the day still spread on her desk and face.

“Yes?” she asked.

“I love my job.  I blurted.  “It’s hard and I don’t have it all unpacked, but I love my kids and I see them growing.  We were in the groove today.  I love my job.”

Turning to go, I heard her murmur, “Well, I don’t hear that everyday.”

What about today made it more “in the groove?”  Partly me.  A good night’s sleep.  I planned to be positive, no matter what.  And I was, 97% of the time.

The “kinder-buddies,” as I call them, are getting used to my expectations and going to the focus group is routine. I’m getting used to how um, splishy splashy their minds can be. I handed each a praise note today which they waved proudly as they skipped back to class.

Even with the indoor rainy day recess craziness in the pod, it felt good.

However, there are piles of books not filed away, cut up words for bags missing their lesson match, iPads that need attending, and sooo many extra writing project grant things to do.

Celebrating my job even as the tide rolls in.


8 thoughts on “4 – Just want to say one thing”

  1. I could totally relate to your description of your principal’s face as you walked in the office. Glad your news was positive rather than challenging. Your description of your kinder-buddies as being splishy-splashy is very clever. Thanks!

  2. Aaaa… Celebrating the small things!!!! There is always work to be done, but there truly is good to be found each and every day, isn’t there? Try finding something good to compliment your principal on…. They’ll appreciate that after a hard day!

  3. Celebrating is essential, and I love how you started this story. My curiosity was piqued, and I was feeling the suspense, so I was very glad that you quickly blurted out your news! I wasn’t expecting it, but received it as a very cheerful twist! Loved it. Glad you had a good day — keep on rollin’!

  4. Glad you shared that thought with your principal…too often they hear only the negative! Keep that feeling…you will need it for the hard days! May they be few!

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