Day One 2014

my watercolorWell no, I wasn’t reveling last night, but the fireworks in the city woke me up for that communal moment. 

The nonstop read of The Book Thief was slowed last night by the third glass of champagne, mentally toasting family and friends, near and far, and mentioning a few nice things to my cat, Mickey. 

The best part of the first day of the new year so far has been the delicious anticipation that I will return to Liesel’s world.  Love that literature that puts me in the Reading State.

The second really good thing on day one is that the inhaler my doctor prescribed for me yesterday is already helping me breathe and clear through the post viral inflammation that has dogged my lungs and sinuses for weeks.

And, California, I love you, even if we do have smog and droughts, because today I can go clip and clean and dig in the garden.  All a sort of preparing the ground for what I hope will be a creative, productive New Year. 

With one new challenge.  This year has to be more about taking care of Me, than taking care of business. 


One thought on “Day One 2014”

  1. California…I wish I was there! Snow coming in the east. Everyone is running out for food. Snow days… time for more reading! I have been reading like a demon too. Glad I’m not teaching full time anymore. I can stay in pjs longer 🙂
    Happy 2014!

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