Creating my meditation room

Christmas Day Laura SF ZooThis could be the craziest form of New Years resolution yet, or I’m actually embarking on some “radical self-care,” as Anne Lamott calls it.  I’m cleaning the junk out of the room adjoining my bedroom, which has loosely been called “the dressing room,” but has mostly collected school projects and miscellany.  There’s a Victorian claw foot tub in there, not installed yet.  And a tall, dark armoire.

I needn’t list the miscellany that I’ve removed, however, I’m thinking the filing cabinet may have to find a new spot.  Things of business and history don’t fit my aesthetic of meditation.  Below the windows, covered with an India print spread of a dragon, from Ashland several summer ago, I have unwrapped and leaned a blank white canvas against the wall.  It is rather stark against the old paint and plaster.  I brought in a green Chinese print wool rug and found my yoga mat.

The purpose in preparing this place is to foster some daily habits I have been longing for.  This room will be where I re-enter the world of Pilates, on my mat which has not been in a yoga class for some time now.  But, I will make it a habit.  I’ll just show up every day at the same time, breathe, and do as much of the introductory routine as I can.  Which may be one sit up initially.  Better than none.

The meditation part is another meeting with myself, with the purple mat rolled up and the rug inviting me to quiet and focus on my breathing.

The cat’s scratch post is still in there, and he likes that I’ve put a rug on the wood floor.  I may need a candle and a little bell, or some prop that gives excuse to have an opening routine.  Still wondering whether the early morning before work should be the Pilates and then the mediation in the evening?  Or Pilates before dinner in the late afternoon?

The other Habits, with a capital H, that I intend to cultivate include writing on this blog daily again.  And continuing to read something engaging, novels and the NY Times, every day in addition to poetry.

The other part of daily habits, or everyday routines, that I need to make fit with my work life is walking.  I take a fiercely brisk hour long walk about once a week with my neighbor, just because that’s what works out in my current schedule.  However, I’d feel better if I just took a half hour walk every day and an occasional fierce walk.  Hm, maybe the walk should be the morning thing?  Just get over the dark and cold and get out and move?

So I haven’t put my Pilates manual in the room yet, because that will signal the start and by start it means something that I WILL DO.

I’m thinking of putting these items on my Google calendar and having notifications sent to me.  Like reminders.  I know that after a short time, when the habit part kicks in, I won’t have to concentrate so much on it all.

Well the room has some more tweaking…it is almost finished.  And I haven’t decided yet how these ingredients I want to make Habit best fit into my day.  It’s different thinking about them on vacation.  Not quite the same as the work schedule.

I’m designing my own meditation space and Pilates room.  Eventually, it will be a lovely dressing room and bath.  For now, it seems like something good that the room has been reclaimed from miscellany and random projects.


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