Doll Cutouts

ImageI remember making gingerbread men, or at least the cutout shapes in butter cookie dough which my daughters and I decorated lavishly with several colors of lemon flavored icing and various accessories.  I recall that, when I was a little girl, I liked to fold papers and cut out the connected shapes, especially people.  

It may be a trite image of our connectedness, but charming anyway.  In contrast, the infamous Gingerbread Man from the tale is solitary, not in community.  He run, run, runs as fast as he can, and for a little bit, can’t be caught.  However, a “helpful” fox offers to ford Mr. G across a pond and winds up eating the overly confident cookie.

Today I felt that charming kind of connectedness of paper doll cutouts when I worked with a teacher.  And I felt it again when I met after school with other interventionists from the district.  We have similar questions and face the same challenges so talking with them, in addition to the reporting on the agenda, made me feel connected.  It was a rest from the isolation of working and making decisions without the input of other teachers in my position.  One doll in a big chain.

I smile at my good fortune today to feel linked with peers and to be content with my little place in the scheme of things.

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