Winter Progression

IMG_0014Today I have edited my list and schedule of students for intervention groups for the next trimester.  I am allowed the luxury of not starting the new groups until Monday so I have taken apart my classroom to make the Fountas & Pinnell LLI materials work, dig out the kindergarten tools, and give away some of my math manipulative materials.  Just two days ago this all seemed an impossibility.

Getting a schedule for 8 groups to work across three lunches and two recess schedules plus minimum day and ELD rotations was algebra.  Maybe it was trig.  But it’s done.

And adding to the surprise sense of accomplishment, tonight I sat down and wrote the check to pay my semi-annual property tax installment. Some may not think it an accomplishment, but with renovating, rewiring, and being a single woman residing in Silicon Valley, it is.

And the dreaded lack of daylight and winter chill has arrived so I have taken to semi-hibernation under blankets, with books, or playing word games online.  This part is progress.  I knew winter would come and I decided to try to be friendlier, more hospitable.  Last winter I came out depressed.

The progress of things.  Time, or its apparency, moves on. Things get done, or they don’t.  I am growing older and sometimes feel very lonely.  In other moments I feel a deep contentment with things just the way they are.

And the days will only get shorter a few more weeks before the Solstice.  I progress along the trajectory of teaching reading/writing the very best I can for the students who are neediest.


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