I believe in  

everybody’s neuroplasticity

in kindness with high expectations

in reading books together that we don’t want to end

in multiple representations of concepts

in playing, talking, drawing and getting out of our seats.



I don’t believe that grading changes writers.  I don’t think formulaic writing works.  I don’t believe any learning happens in stress.  And I don’t believe in kids having to raise their hands to speak.


I believe in the messiness of the creative process

I believe we learn better in brief intervals

I believe in listening deeply to each other

I believe everybody’s stories are important and

I believe in toning flabby writing muscles by daily neural workouts.


In big picture thinking, in art therapy, in everybody writing, in getting lots of sleep.


And I believe in

taking time to recharge, good conversations, respect, and the thinking and discovery that happens when we try to write the truth.

4 thoughts on “Credo”

  1. When I read this, I want to be in your class. Sometimes I fear I’m losing this amidst the changes and the demands and the shift that happens. Thanks for your words. They make me want to continue to seek and find a way to create sacred space in the classroom.

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