242905_104439512980508_6339936_o I had two close friends in high school and one of them moved back to the Bay Area recently. The threesome saw each other in New Orleans about ten years ago, but haven’t seriously palled around since high school and college in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

So one joy of the spring break was entertaining Sheryl at my mom’s in SF.  With true friends the connection is just there; no awkward finding out where you stand or figuring out how to be.

From the moment I heard her deep voice in the hallway — that laugh — the party and gab fest was on.  We watched the sunset over the city as we mopped the remnants of cajun shrimp sauce off our plates and poured the rest of the second bottle of champagne.
The next morning, after coffee, we set off to the Marina, Ft. Mason, to find the friends of the library annual book sale. The old Fiesta Hall seemed a quarter of a mile long and half as wide, with perhaps a hundred islands of tables set up, covered with books.

Sheryl got a shopping cart.  As we munched sopa and tacos from the wonderful tent concession, I learned what an avid reader Sheryl is.  Funny that I didn’t notice that in high school.  She told me about being in 5th grade and going to the community library and just starting at one end, checking out the first six books, then the next, since that was the limit.  Reading the library and no one wondered about this 10 year old.

So I realize that now we will have new things to learn about each other and well as share the crazy memories from our late teens.



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