Twin Peaks, Two Trees

IMG_0017We watch the fog come in and take over what was a sunny, windy day.  We had a short trip downstairs to the garden to let Wampus outside and Mom filled the bird feeder.  I pulled the new prairie grass sprouting around the roses, grass offspring which I had pulled out laboriously at the end of summer to save the asphyxiated rose bushes.

Mom was my sous chef as we created fresh tropical fruit salsa for the marinated mahi-mahi to broil.  She chop chopped and lemon zested the quinoa lemon basil salad.  I got her to sit down as I finished putting the meal together.

So the best thing to do after an elegant but simple meal like that, since the sky was darkening, was pull out the chocolate and dessert wine poured in tiny glasses and the Scrabble letters out of the box to play “Take Five” on the kitchen table.  Laughing, she beat me the second round so we were square.

And then it seemed good to coax Wampus to sit between us on the couch while we read.  I went into a time warp trying to grasp quantum computing and the physicist’s ideas of many worlds in The New Yorker.

It was a good day, from the cup of coffee this morning, through the trip to the grocery store, the garden and a quiet afternoon.

I am here so I can be with my mother, even though the fog is coming in and taking over the sunny day.


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