Beyond Accuracy

I’ve spent the evening, after falling asleep on the couch with the cat on my belly watching the sun set through the picture window, reading, not writing.  It is a pleasure and exercise to work through a chapter of Good Prose, The Art of Nonfiction by Tracy Kidder & Richard Todd.  This evening’s workout was the chapter titled, “Beyond Accuracy.”

The chapter concludes with this assertion, or is it a call?  It is my life challenge.

One can only say it is possible that writers live most fully when their work moves beyond performance, beyond entertainment or information, beyond pleasing audience and editor, when it does all that and yet represents their most important beliefs.  [p 104]

I underlined the last six words.  And took a break to cogitate, got side-tracked reading Anne Lamott’s post about being on for a year.  Funny and true, as she usually is.  That made me think how I’ve wanted to rewrite my profile on which I did.  More concise, trying to represent myself and hopes without being grandiose.

While I was on the dating site there were was a flurry of chat online and a message from a friend I dated awhile back.  Suddenly, I realized the evening was gone and I hadn’t blogged.

What’s the Latin that Don Murray likes to quote, meaning “Never a day without a line?”  I feel that tug to make sure I don’t slip back to only writing when it is pressed out of me, or when I feel the leisure.  I want to keep building the stamina and the capacity to think on the keyboard.  To notice more.

So, I really think portraying oneself on a dating site is “beyond accuracy.”  Here’s what I wrote, tonight:

A little about me...

You are looking for what? For whom? If you’re reading my profile my guess is that you are out of my “dating age” by ten years. If you are also an alienated war baby like myself, I’m suspicious about why you aren’t out with women 10 years your junior?

Seriously, this online dating game is crazy. I just have a hope that I could meet someone to be happy with, who would like me.

Certainly my work as an interventionist and educator doesn’t put me in contact with eligible men.

About the one I’m looking for…

I think most people know pretty quickly whether they really like someone or not. I mean, your actions, your first impressions, those fateful words on a first date…

Chemistry, a bit of excitement, tension…and not having to Act Interested.

I like people who are authentic, unaffected….and not completely self-centered. I have a cat who fills that role nicely.

With the current defiance of aging, it seems everyone cares madly about physical fitness. I work in my garden, walk and dance salsa. I have a road bike and want somebody to ride with if it is coming out of the garage. Exercise is good, but I don’t want it to be my religion.

I’d just like to add…

Family time matters to me and I also know how to recharge in solitude.
I tend more to the arts and literature, and while I love movies, I don’t have a TV. I can be easily entertained.
I will go to sports events, but mix up the players’ names. Like everyone, love the Giants.

Yo-Yo Ma is my rock star. There a window of Baroque chamber music that sends me…I don’t know why.

Maybe my all time favorite book is Les Miserables in the unabridged 5 novel form. I also read young adult fiction when it is pithy and well-crafted, like The Fault in Our Stars. Now reading Good Prose, the art of nonfiction by Tracy Kidder and Richard Todd. I blog and am interested in writing.

I think a great relationship is the only thing I’d settle for at this point in life. What would make it great would be to be ordinary, kind and share the days’ ups and downs. To keep in touch, even if apart.

I’d like a man who could be on my mind but not drive me crazy.

Please write me a message. Tell me a teensy bit about who you are and maybe the conversation will continue…We can do coffee.

Photo on 2013-01-30 at 19.43 #2And the Good Prose challenge will be waiting for me in the morning…

One thought on “Beyond Accuracy”

  1. Hi, Laura,

    Enjoyed reading your last few posts. Of, course, what you wrote about a partner touched my heart…..Ron

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