This morning I cleaned out two personal double file cabinets, four desk drawers, six dresser drawers, six baskets in the closet and man oh man, do I feel Organized now.

What I noticed amid the collection of art brushes unused for some time now, office supplies, end runs of stationery, rubber stamps, and obsolete files dating back to a dial up account with AT&T, and the service manual for a refrigerator that died two years ago, was that I have files with writing tucked here and there.

It all began this morning with a search for one particular document, a binder I never found, however it ended with a satisfying sense of Order.  The classifying kind of cleaning makes me feel more mental space, like clearing a room for a dance.

I didn’t interrupt my archeological sort to read any of my old writing, but I will delve into it, now that I’m aware.  I wonder if it will be disappointing or interesting?  Simply layers of sediment or prompt new work, perhaps.  It awaits me.  My past, some bits of it recorded.  Some thoughts and attempts.IMG_0005

8 thoughts on “Sorting”

  1. How neat! I love finding old writing to see what you were thinking at the time and how you’ve grown since then–both as a person and as a writer. Oh, and btw the dial-up account and old refrigerator manual cracked me up!

  2. Love the image of the dinosaur…it is like that….the deep cleaning. I found some pine needles, a candy cane, three almonds, fifty cents, and a cobweb that would have made Charlotte smile under my couch!

  3. Spring cleaning has begun. I am always amazed that when I am searching for soemthing else, I usually find something totally different or something I had wanted a while ago.

  4. I love how you are already thinking about your old writing and looking forward to reading it. Sometimes I read mine and think, “Boy, do I remember that!” and feel satisfied. Other times, I realize that what I had laid aside is more of a draft and feel compelled to add to it/revise it. Either way, it’s motivating… and it’s always interesting to remember who you were then because it helps us see who we’ve become and why–so far. 🙂

  5. This kind of cleaning is such a challenge for me. I hate to get rid of anything that might be useful someday! I agree, though, that it restores a necessary order. Enjoy reading your old writing!

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