Just about time

IMG_0008For me, spring break means some days at home with my cat, Mickey. Some days at home.

I live alone with this cow kitty who thinks he owns the hood.  He has just come in from the yard in time for blogging, a late night habit of mine.  He is making biscuits on the black and white blanket beside me.  He says “yeow” when I pet him.

I know people get silly about their pets sometimes, but I do love my cat.  He has attitude and dignity, and he is bonded with me.  Mickey is good company, as long as I keep the crunchies in the bowl that says “feed me” at the bottom.

Here’s to cats and pets.  And a break during spring.

6 thoughts on “Just about time”

  1. I love it…cow kitty…and looking at Mickey’s picture…I understand that description. I have two kitties now…elderly…22 years old…so one has a few issues…but they are both happy…and they think they run the hood too! Enjoy Mickey….which I can tell you to….that special bond between pet and human. Jackie http://familytrove.blogspot.com/

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