Prove You’re Not a Robot

I dare you.

Blogging late at night and having to type in two distorted words or numerals to post a comment, does that really prove I’m not a robot?

The burgeoning brain research from imaging indicating our intelligence is fluid and demonstrating surprising neural plasticity — awakens possibilities. However, it also pushes me up against
difficulties. The robotic part of me that is nowise creative.  What does the average mind do to change? While my intelligence may not be fixed, I certainly don’t seem free to choose who I’m going to be tomorrow or how I’m going to react to the events around me.

My brain has body maps for each movement (not Brain Mapping, U.S. government quest) which Ramachandran and William Hirstein (Center for Brain and Cognition) dramatically proved through their work for patients with phantom limb pain.  Muscle memory as we dancers call it.  And then there are mirror neurons, the science term for what literary people call empathy.  I have a stock of them.

I want to know how, at any given moment, I can step out of the galaxy web of maps and mazes of electrical current and actually write two original words?  It isn’t the typing of two words for site security.  It brings up the difficulty of saying anything genuinely original, that’s worth reading.

Squint harder at the four numerals and the blotchy stretched lettering…prove you’re not a robot.

7 thoughts on “Prove You’re Not a Robot”

  1. I’ve noticed some kids like to update their FB status with nonsense letters to indicate they’re incoherent (under some influence?) which can seem endearing and sloppy. Have you seem this?

  2. Those words frustrate me. In fact, they’re the reason I can’t comment on Blogger blogs from my phone!

    Btw: Christy Rush-Levine wrote a great slice about captcha words last year. You should check out her blog archive for it.

  3. I love that this is a small rant without really sounding like one. I used to be really frustrated with those images until I read a fellow blogger’s advice about them. There is so much fascinating information about how the brain works out there. I am currently reading Mindset by Carol Dweck and I think it is amazing that we can literally grow our brains!

  4. I love the way you used the “prove you’re not a robot” to do some deeper thinking about how our minds work. Maybe I am a robot because often I cannot decipher those codes.

  5. Those codes are something else. I am glad a read a slice earlier that explained you don’t need capital letters or the numbers at all. I get many more of them right now. Thanks for sharing the thinking about thinking, too.

  6. I think I need to read this post again when I’m more awake!! But I’m right there with the first part- half the time I can’t even see the stupid letters that make up one of the words! I get so angry sometimes…

  7. Thanks for stating something I have SO been feeling. I have been working to provide feedback as a first time blogger. And these robot messages are maddening. Thanks for broadening my thinking beyond the rant!

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