Screening and Progress Monitoring

I’m back filling data off RenLearn tracking six rounds of focus groups,

marshaling them into a tidy Excel format.  But this task is getting tedious.  Screening sounds more like screaming

and progress mumbling and my entire year keeps passing by my eyes.

And faces of kids

with each name appear and roll by my mind

wondering if I did enough

and who did I miss? fearing there’s a kid who dropped off the map.

Old barn

My brain is tired and my neck and shoulders beyond weary.

I think I’d better back off the report

for the sake of having a bit of style and smile for the full day tomorrow.

The data will make it to my principal for Friday’s review.


4 thoughts on “Screening and Progress Monitoring”

  1. Your word usage is so descriptive. ‘The sake of having a bit of style and smile’…oh how we have all felt like that at times. Your shoulders beyond weary…nice (well, not nice that they were so tired…but nice description.) And haven’t we all wondered if a student had dropped off the map? Thanks for these words of wisdom. Jackie

  2. This is great! The description of data and forms is crazy for those teaching. I see so much worry about it – good for you for knowing when to take a break…

  3. So many neat things happening here — your first line’s diction (data/tracking/focus/marshaling/tidy) sets up a terrific contrast with faces, name, mind, feared. You play so nicely with sound as well — screening to screaming, then to mumbling then passing; style and smile, of course. A lovely piece of craft! 🙂

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